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DotNetNuke® hosting.

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Need an online store? We can have you up and running on one in less than a day. 

Need online discussion forums, blogs, event calendars, or picture galleries for your organization or group? Just plug it in. 

Looking for a way to host multiple websites or portals under one account? No problem.

Hosting with Snapsis is especially easy for small business owners and developers alike. With a Snapsis hosting account, you'll have access to features and functionality that used to only be affordable to large corporations.

With a developer's account, you'll be able to provide all of the same functionality to your own customers. 

Easily manage your website, create a Personal Web Page

Keep your website updated easily without needing a programmer. Update products, add new items, or remove old ones. 24 x 7 x 365. No matter where you are, with the built-in online editing and an Internet connection, you are in control.

Configure your own online store

Shopping cart Wondering how you are going to display and save the many different configurations of your products? With Snapsis, your shopping cart products can have unlimited attributes or options. Size, color, weight, even a complete specification or other document can be attached to your products. E-commerce shopping online has never been easier for both you and your customers. 

Quickly and easily add extended functionality

Tools for everything from building your customized navigation to picking the "look and feel" of your site. Start with a complete up-and-running SnapApp™, then mix, match, and customize with Snapletes™ & Snapsules™.


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